Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Updates

It's been awhile, so though I'd post a little update:

Noah is doing AWESOME in school and baseball-he is now playing Coach Pitch and gets a hit every at bat-that's my boy! Though he is playing for the Yankees this year...don't know how we feel about that around here! It's so fun to watch him play, and nice that he's playing for the Red Rock League (easier and closer), though we do miss his old D-Backs team. He is about ready to turn 7 (2 more weeks!), and has another loose tooth! He's raking in the dough from the Tooth Fairy! He is still into Star Wars, but his latest passion is Indiana Jones (thank you cousin Ethan!)-he plays the Lego version all the time (computer/Wii versions and real Lego's) as he and Adam go around the house singing the theme song. Noah is such a great kid-don't know how we got so lucky! I'll post more about him (pictures and such) for his birthday!

Elsie is doing so well in preschool now! She's a huge helper around the house, especially when I am feeding or taking care of Bennett-she's always willing to go grab whatever I need. She has become quite the little chatter box, and will talk about anything just to talk! It can get pretty funny, what she comes up with, just so she's talking! She often carries around a phone, just so she can have "somebody" to talk to! She also has a definite opinion these days on what she wants to wear, how to do her hair, even which earrings she will wear that day. So, in other words, she is ALL GIRL!! I am so excited, because in a couple weeks, she and I get to go to the Carrie Underwood concert! She often borrows the kitchen radio, so she can sing and dance to Carrie in her room without being spied on (or so she thinks-I often find things I need to do so I can pass her room...) She is laughing a lot these days, and it's one of the sweetest sounds in the world.

Adam is the funniest two year old we have ever had! He has his "terrible 2" moments, but they don't last long, and then he's laughing again about something else. He sings the Indiana Jones theme almost non-stop, and loves playing with his Lego's (Indy is his favorite, but the "stom toopers" are a close second-that's storm troopers:) He is learning the ins and outs of computers, and soon will probably know more than me, though he is only 2 1/2. He can play computer games already and loves to do it by himself (like most 2 yr. olds!). He can identify most letters of the alphabet (not of my doing!) because he has this awesome little "laptop" with some fun games that I showed him how to play, and now he only wants to play while lounging on the floor and won't let me help. And, after lots of battles (won and lost) over his binky, it met with an unfortunate accident today-my scissors!! I finally took the advice of those who have gone before me in the Binky Wars, and cut the tip off. Wish I'd done it sooner-I showed him it was broken, he said "awwwww, how come?" and that was it. I'm sure he'll have some withdrawal over the next few days, but seriously, it was time!

Bennett is growing like only a 3 month old can! He's so animated now and talks and coos and smiles at us all the time! He doesn't like being left along, though-he needs to be in the loop! This picture is only a month old, but he's already changed so much (couldn't find my camera for an updated pic!). He still sleeps a bunch during the day, but is giving me a much needed reprieve at night and will often sleep for a 5 hour stretch-yeah! He is constantly moving his arms and legs when he's awake, so I'm a little nervous for when he becomes mobile! He is even "playing" with some little "lovies" that we give him (little stuffed animals), and smiles when he has them. He's very sweet and his little personality is already such a part of our family.

Brad has a new calling in our ward, now that it's split-he is the Young Men's 1st counselor! He is going to be even busier now! He only has one more week of classes for this semester, then one more semester in the Fall, and then he graduates with his Master's in December! He can't wait! He's staying busy with end of the school year stuff and in a couple weeks he gets to take 24 8th graders to Disneyland! Pretty bummed he's going without us, but can't exactly say I'm envious!
I have new calling in our ward also, though still in primary-I'm the 2nd counselor now, so look out Cub Scouts! I'm very excited though to get to know the scouting program, since I have 3 boys! I also am the new PTO secretary for our school-don't know exactly what I've gotten myself into! Should be interesting! I will have help with it though, so that'll be good. Other than that, I'm just staying busy taking Noah and kids to baseball, and having about 3 nights a week without Brad. Learning lots about patience!
Well, that's all for now-I'll post some more recent pictures once I find out camera!!


  1. So fun! I can't wait to come see you! Your kids are adorable!

  2. You sound busy and like you're doing an awesome job!